Line of Fire is a term that describes the potential travel path of an energy source in relation to people, the environment and equipment. Line of Fire events exist in all work locations and have the potential to cause serious injury or death if someone places themselves in the Line of Fire.

When reviewing incident alerts, it is evident Line of Fire events are the single leading cause of injuries across numerous industries. Several factors can lead or contribute to personnel placing themselves in the Line of Fire and it is understanding these factors that allowed Jacobshill to develop an engineered learning solution targeting Line of Fire. The session provides essential training for any company wanting to prevent injuries at work.


The session has been designed to assist work site personnel during the activity planning stage and as part of their ongoing risk assessment throughout the task. The session explores the principles and concepts of Line of Fire reviewing the energy source wheel and how individually these are applicable to your teams work environment. Working through case studies and examples for each of the energy sources we review why personnel are susceptible to missing Line of Fire situations and how they can prepare to look deeper and see where controls are required.

When you know how to identify an energy source and understand the trigger for release it will influence how your team plan their activities to prevent Line of Fire events.

Learning Outcomes

Attendees will gain an appreciation of how easily they can become blind to Line of Fire which then helps enhance their understanding of the need to apply the skills from the session in their everyday work.

  • Identify Energy Line of Fire Source
  • Recognize potential triggers for Line of Fire events
  • Apply these skills during risk assessment
  • Apply the skills continually throughout activities


This is a full 1-day session 08:00 – 17:00


All sessions are predominantly held in Perth Western Australia, however with the availability for sessions tailored to your individual needs wherever required.


AUD – $1,650 – per person


  • There are none required for this session

Target Audience

The session is intended for personnel working in industries with potential line of fire incidents, this includes but is not limited to Agriculture, Construction, Fishing, Forestry Workers, Healthcare Services, Manufacturing, Military Services, Mining, Oil and Gas, Steel Works and Warehouse Operations.


Similar to many other skills Line of Fire awareness can be perishable as such this needs to be refreshed every four years with a 1-day session.

All attendees will receive a certificate upon completing the course for attendance and competency based on the individual’s demonstration of knowledge skills and experience throughout the session.

Industry needs competent personnel who have gained knowledge from exposure to a learning experience. Jacobshill provide learning solutions designed to exceed your training expectations. To ensure this quality session is tailored to your individual needs, please call or visit our contact page to discuss further how we can meet your needs.