Get To Work is an activity planning tool that incorporates both the planning and risk assessment learnings required for personnel to approach all work activities in safe efficient manner. This session has been specifically designed for both experienced and new personnel exposed to planning and risk assessment.

The Engineered Learning Solution has been structured to capture failings we normally identify during incident investigations. This in turn provides your team with the knowledge from these learnings to manage these conditions and prevent reoccurrence.

The session focuses on the following areas;

  • Understanding the difference between personal and workplace risk
  • Understanding risk
  • Understanding exposure
  • Understanding risk controls
  • Understanding risk tolerance
  • Understanding the importance of identifying change
  • Understanding the importance of managing change
  • Understanding group think
  • Understanding risk bias
  • Illusion of confidence
  • Understanding the importance of After Action Reviews

Successful delegates will gain suitable and sufficient understanding of how to plan, risk assess and implement controls ensuring the team make and agree on decisions as a team. As with all training attendees will be assessed on their ability to identify risk and implement controls.

A certificate will be issued upon completing the course for attendance and competency based on the individual’s demonstration of knowledge skills and experience.

Industry needs competent personnel who have gained knowledge from exposure to a learning experience. Jacobshill provide learning solutions designed to exceed your training expectations. To ensure this quality session is tailored to your individual needs, please call or visit our contact page to discuss further how we can meet your needs.


Line of Fire

Line of Fire

Engineered Learning Solution – Designed to provide attendees with the knowledge skills to identify line of fire.


Engineered Learning Solution – Designed to provide attendees with the skills to conduct rigging and slinging in a modern work environment.

360 Dropped Object Prevention

i-Prevent Dropped Objects

Engineered Learning Solution – Designed to provide attendees with the skills to identify and safely recover potential dropped objects.