The history of Jacobshill

Having worked in heavy industry for over thirty years it was becoming harder to find specific training that yielded specific results. Over time when monitoring personnel returning from onshore training, gaps and deficiencies could easily be identified, becoming evident a new approach was required.

Utilising our collective time in heavy industry we take the current training format then delve into identified deficiencies to structure an enhanced learning experience. The advanced format ensures we deliver a sustainable solution for industry and your company needs.

Training is developed with a goal then engineered for results. Each and every learning session is designed with five core elements to ensure the learning is achieved. Once the learning has taken place we start putting in place the building blocks for the development of an individual’s knowledge, their leadership skills, building confidence in areas we have continually identified as requiring development. The greater an individual’s strength and knowledge the more they understand their role, the greater their skills can be utilised.

Jacobshill integrates five core elements into all training
  • Activity Planning – a detailed plan allows easier identification of hazards and implementation of controls
  • Presentation skills – attendees should be able to confidently relay information from sessions they attend
  • Leadership – understanding the role of enabling teams to perform at an optimum level
  • Ownership – ensuring students understand their responsibility with the training they have completed
  • Feedback – ensuring students know how to provide and request, prompting discussion within the team
  • Exposure to these core elements during learning sessions helps form the foundation for knowledge sustainability in the workplace, the backbone of an efficient workforce.


Line of Fire

Line of Fire

Engineered Learning Solution – Designed to provide attendees with the knowledge skills to identify line of fire.


Engineered Learning Solution – Designed to provide attendees with the skills to conduct rigging and slinging in a modern work environment.

360 Dropped Object Prevention

i-Prevent Dropped Objects

Engineered Learning Solution – Designed to provide attendees with the skills to identify and safely recover potential dropped objects.