The absence of good rigging practices and lack of hands-on training contributes to a large percentage of material handling incidents.

Rig-Com 102 is an intermediate level rigging competency specifically designed to upgrade the existing knowledge and skill levels of a basic trained rigger. The session focuses on confirming an understanding of an individual’s knowledge when determining the correct size and type of rigging equipment required to safely perform lifting operations. The safe application of rigging equipment personnel would likely use in the workplace. The learning is provided in both hands on engagement sessions followed up by reinforcement in class room. All personnel attending this program will gain useful rigging techniques and skills and will leave with a broader understanding and appreciation of the requirements and responsibilities of personnel involved with rigging.

All attendees will receive a certificate upon completing the course for attendance and competency based on the individual’s demonstration of knowledge skills and experience throughout the session.

Pre requisite

  • Hold valid Rig-Com 101 Competency
  • Hold a current medical certificate of fitness
  • Read, write and speak English at an appropriate level that ensures safe operation of rigging equipment
  • Over 18 years of age

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