i-Supervise is a high level course that will assess and develop the skill of your workforce leaders who have responsibility for team and individuals working in heavy industry. i-Supervise is designed where an attendee can be assessed via a one-on-one interview to establish the level of exposure required. i-Supervise are designed for the individual with i-Appraise and i-Manage Conflict being held at a location away from the city.

The sessions are designed to be run either as a full course or hand selected for the specific individual. Workplace supervision by personnel your company rely on to have the strength to pull and hold a team together through planned and unplanned events is paramount to an efficient work environment.

Many supervisors will have been promoted due to their ability to excel in their given field but have limited or no exposure to the soft skills. Soft skills are the personal attributes that allow interaction with others in an effective and harmonious way. These soft skills are required to lead a modern workforce. Many will fail while others silently struggle each day, which is not good for the team, the supervisor or the company.

Supervisors are the direct link between employees and your company. Communication is a vital part of this two way street as interaction will draw information from your team helping to identify concerns, problems, and solutions. If for any reason there is a failure in communication or a breakdown it can have significant impact on operations resulting in potential high turnover of personnel, wasted productivity or un-happy employees.

Both time served industry professionals and college graduates can both lack the soft skills required to manage a modern workforce. It’s a new era, and the current workplace is changing. As deadlines become stricter and expectations with safety and performance become higher there is a greater reliance on these front line supervisors to deliver. Without an updated skill set being provided we are creating additional pressure and potentially setting the team up for failure. Is your organization keeping up with that trend? If not, these Engineered learning Solutions are door way to turn the tide!

Jacobshill recognized this concern and i-Supervise has been specifically designed to target personnel with gaps in their soft skill set. The course can be tailored to individual requirements if concerns are specifically identified. The sessions are designed to improve leaders coaching skills, ensuring an understanding is gained on how to bring a team together, how to mould this team as a unit,  understanding the importance of feedback and appraisals, throughout the session learning how to present to motivate teams, dealing with conflict and team personal issues.

i-Supervise is designed with the following key elements either the full session or hand selected for a specific individuals needs:

  • i-Communicate
  • i-Listen
  • i-Provide Feedback
  • i-Appraise
  • i-Present
  • i-Coach
  • i-Manage Conflict
  • i-Hold Productive Meetings
  • i-Build Teams
  • i-Understand My Team
  • i-Solve Problems
  • i-Risk Assess

A certificate will be issued upon completing the course for attendance and competency based on the individuals demonstration of knowledge skills and experience.

Industry needs competent personnel who have gained knowledge from exposure to a learning experience. Jacobshill provide learning solutions designed to exceed your training expectations. To ensure this quality session is tailored to your individual needs, please call or visit our contact page to discuss further how we can meet your needs.


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