Forklift truck operations provide numerous benefits for business requiring materials handling solutions.  The downside being year after year forklifts continue to be associated with workplace injuries. The human and financial impact of forklift-related incidents can be substantial to both the employee and your company. Forklift incidents can be prevented, exposure to practical and classroom learning scenarios provide individuals with the skill set required to operate forklifts in a safe efficient manner.

i –operate forklift trucks provides participants with hands on practical skills and knowledge in the safe and efficient operation of a counter-balance lift truck. Participants will gain an understanding of safe driving techniques, load charts, LCD, conduct pre use inspection and regularly gauge the forks checking for deformation. Personnel attending will be expected to risk assess all tasks, select and use the correct equipment for the work they will be exposed to and display the ability to use the learning gained in the work and surrounding areas when operating lift trucks.

Each attendee will be provided with the tools necessary to enable an evaluation of the fork/tine is complete in a manner that will identify any damage outside manufacturer’s tolerance.

The sessions cover but are not limited to the following elements

  • Introduction to the forklift truck to be used
  • Complete a pre use inspection of the forklift truck
  • Identify and understand the controls and instruments
  • Identify the weight of the load
  • Identify a load center of gravity
  • Starting, moving and stopping the truck
  • Operation of hydraulic controls
  • Handling laden and unladen pallets
  • Stacking/de-stacking – free standing and in racking
  • Practical test of basic operating skills
  • Written test of operating knowledge

Successful delegates will gain suitable and sufficient understanding of current relevant legislation, best practice and learn skills and ability in the safe use of Counter Balance Fork Trucks up to 5000kg rated capacity in line with current approved methods and manufacturer’s instructions.

A certificate will be issued upon completing the course for attendance and competency based on the individual’s demonstration of knowledge skills and experience.

Industry needs competent personnel who have gained knowledge from exposure to a learning experience. Jacobshill provide learning solutions designed to exceed your training expectations. To ensure this quality session is tailored to your individual needs, please call or visit our contact page to discuss further how we can meet your needs.

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