CDP 168


Over the last decade several industries have been leaders innovatively creating and developing solutions that have been proven to help reduce the potential for dropped objects. Sadly dropped objects are still the largest cause of high potential events in several industries.

There are 5 target groups in relation to the prevention of dropped objects. When you target these in a controlled manner you can focus attention in the required areas that then takes you to the next level with prevention.

Jacobshill provide Engineered Learning Solutions for both static and dynamic dropped objects. Additionally we provide a comprehensive understanding and coaching for the three remaining groups, setting your team up for success.

Once people learn how to look, they can’t help but see.

CDP One Six 8 is an Engineered Learning Solution designed to provide personnel with the knowledge and skills to improve their ability to identify potential dynamic scenarios which could lead to impact and a dropped object.

Dynamic drops is an area of concern in many industries and continues to be a major contributor to significant events. With a comprehensive understanding of the reason why personnel miss dynamic collision potential, this Engineered Learning Solution targets the identified concern at the root cause providing a structure and methodology that if used people will be better positioned to identify potential collision scenarios. CDP One Six 8 covers the core elements and essential knowledge required to develop competency in identifying and managing potential dynamic collision scenarios in a working environment.

Personnel attending will be expected to risk assess all tasks, select and use the correct equipment for the work they will be exposed to and display the ability to use the ‘CDP One Six 8 Prompt Card’ in the selected work site and surrounding areas when looking for collision potential.

The Engineered Learning Solution provides an understanding of the following key elements with dynamic dropped object prevention;

  • External Individual evaluation tailored to the job role attendees perform
  • Develop the skills for Identifying situations that could magnify the inability to identify dynamic scenarios
  • CDP One Six 8 individually tailored prompt card
  • The process of how we engage and train ourselves to continually identify dynamic scenarios

Each attendee will be provided with an individually tailored CDP One Six 8  prompt card that will be used to help identify dynamic collision potential allowing for controls to help prevent.

The pre requisite for this training is to have a valid 360 dropped object prevention certificate. A certificate will be issued upon completing the course for attendance and competency based on the individual’s demonstration of knowledge skills and experience throughout the session.

Industry needs competent personnel who have gained knowledge from exposure to a learning experience. Jacobshill provide learning solutions designed to exceed your training expectations, to discuss further opportunities please call or visit our contact page.


360 Dropped Object Prevention

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